Sensei: Unique In Both: Size & Finish

The Sensei range is handcrafted from start to finish, as are all of our arcades.
A customised size is offered to the market with a handsome oak veneered finish in V1 version. You could also have this unit made wholly in Oak with our V2 and V2F. 

This gives a nod to traditional cabinet making but with the unique Maison Roshi design features.

Reflect your

Through the way you style your home, you can have one of our bespoke arcades that fits in seamlessly to its surroundings. We provide you with arcade choices that are fully customisable.

From the textile that you wrap it in, to the colours of the buttons and joystick you choose to finish the arcade in and even the engraving you can simply add in. Get your unique cabinet.

Sustainable And Built To Last

At Maison Roshi, we pride ourselves on using only the best, locally sourced materials for the production of our arcade cabinets.

All of our bespoke Sensei arcades are produced in the UK. We have taken initiatives to minimise our eco-footprint through our partnership with “More Trees, where we plant a tree for every cabinet sold, produced and customer review.

This ensures that we give back all that we have taken from the environment and much more to minimise the depletion of these precious resources. 

To put our initiative into context one tree produces six Sensei arcades, so we are planting at least 6 times the amount of resources we are using.

Our commitment: traceable materials and partnerships

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As You like It Bespoke Cabinets
You Think It, We will Craft It!

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Wallablue Fabric
Vanguard Vibe Fabric
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Hampton Gold Fabric
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Customize Your Pad!

+5'000 games & High quality plywood finished with an oak veneer

+5'000 games & Oak or Fabric finishes* (only for V2F)

+5'000 games & Oak or Fabric finishes* (only for V3F) and virtual pintball joysticks

Choose your buttons & joysticks Choose your buttons & joysticks

Choose your buttons & joysticks
Connect to NewGen console
Cast Music with our Smart Monitor

Discover Sensei

Watch and see what our Sensei bespoke arcade range is all about.
From the detailed craftsmanship of the cabinet, to the custom components such as the grill and switches. To your very own colour coordination of the joysticks and buttons.
A devine piece to have in your home/workplace for family/colleagues to play on.

Get in touch with us!

At Maison Roshi we pride ourselves on excellent design, genuine craftsmanship and the pleasure of experiencing both daily.

We value the engagement with our customers and creating bespoke arcades to suit any tailor-made project or home.

Our Location

Excelsior Studios,
Studio 43,
17-19 Sunbeam Road,
NW10 6JP

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri: 9am – 5pm
Saturday: 10am – 3pm
Sunday: Closed


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