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Bring On The Colour

Joystick and Button Variations

At Maison Roshi, we pride ourselves on our small batch production and attention to personal style and preferences. Therefore, we provide you with the option to style your arcade to your own preferences.

​ Joystick and button colour is an ideal way to bring a pop of extra playfulness to your arcade cabinet, which is why we have selected 12 colours for you to choose from for your Sensei and Senpai arcade cabinets. Colour combination can be chosen upon purchase – free of extra charge.

Add A Touch Of Elegance

Fabric Options

Our customisation options are taken to the next level with our fabric options. The lustrous options from BlackPop available for the Sensei, as well as the breath-taking selection from Romo and Pierre Fray available for the Senpai will take your arcade to a new level.

​ Explore fabric options below and find your dream style.

Dream It & It's Yours

Etchings and more

Our customisation and personalisation options have no end.
From wood type to arcade size and special etchings, we can turn your luxury entertainment dream into a reality.
Special requests can be made via our Bespoke Projects section – and remember there are no limits – you dream it and we’ll make it happen.

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