Maison Roshi embraces the new reality of combining gaming entertainment with a creative approach to cabinet making for the style conscious consumer.

We are inspired by the beauty of the natural world and sustainable materials.

Our high quality arcades are made by experienced and skilful cabinet makers in the United Kingdom.

Make it
Your Own!


Introducing our Sensei range, where gaming meets craftsmanship and personalisation.
With our V1, V2, and V3 configurations, we offer a trio of bespoke arcade experiences. The Sensei series is designed to be more than just a gaming accessory; it’s an expression of your unique style and preferences.


Introducing our Minato range, diverging from our traditional solid wood arcades. The Minato arcade embraces a contemporary design with coloured Velccromat. This not only adds a modern touch but also allows for a customisable aesthetic that suits your preferences.
The availability of five different colour options provides a range of choices to match your style and gaming space.


Introducing our Senpai Range, a captivating fusion of classic retro design and modern gaming innovation. This mid-sized arcade masterpiece is meticulously crafted to perfection and displayed on a custom-made support, available in either rich oak or sleek stainless steel, finished with a thermo lacquer for lasting elegance. 

Effortlessly Chic
& Ready Made

Designed In France and Made In the United Kingdom
Maison Roshi was created as a nod to and an appreciation for the nostalgic days of arcade games combined with a passion for stylish handmade and unique furniture.

Boost Your Business & Events With Maison Roshi

Our arcades are the perfect answer for any event bringing people together to have fun. 
The retro arcade industry spans across generations, where everybody can join in, evoking precious times with family, friends, colleagues, not forgetting that adrenaline rush of playing on an arcade console for the very first time. Unlike the more familiar PlayStation and Xbox consoles, the retro arcade system is super easy to play and accessible to all skill levels.

We are proud to offer over 5000 different games to choose from, however we would recommend choosing just 5 games, which we can then add to a pre-registered favourites list, so everything is set up specifically with your event in mind.

We will be delighted to help you choose your games no matter the theme. For a sports event, we offer over 800 sports games on the arcade gaming system, so you will always have an abundant list to choose from. There are also options for your unique branding to be featured on the arcades, and we would be very happy to discuss any customised solutions.

The NewGen games available with V3!

The V3 option is proudly available for both our Sensei and Senpai ranges. You are able to play 5,000 of the old school classic retro games. Importantly however, it is compatible with new school devices in your Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

A major addition with our V3 is that you can play pinball through the arcade. We have installed 2 side buttons which will allow you to download the best of Pinball FX for free from all online stores (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Shop).

Your bespoke V3 arcade is not only an exceptional gaming device, but you can take advantage of the spectacular sound system to play your favourite music/playlists.

Lovers of the planet

Our partnership with More Trees has made it possible for our business to make sure that we give back to nature, it is at the centre of our principles. 

(It is important to note that one tree provides us with at least six brand new Sensei arcades, so we at Maison Roshi are planting back six times as many trees as we have used for our Sensei arcades).

Maison Roshi has made a commitment that for every arcade produced a tree is planted.

For every customer review, a tree is planted. For every sale, a tree is planted.

Together with the support of our customers and friends, we could be planting entire new forests.

Additionally, if you would like to make a difference in supporting our planet, please get in touch.

Get in touch with us!

At Maison Roshi we pride ourselves on excellent design, genuine craftsmanship and the pleasure of experiencing both daily.

We value the engagement with our customers and creating bespoke arcades to suit any tailor-made project or home.

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