Glamorous Games: Fashion Designers And Their Luxury Games

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Luxury games from fashion's finest designers that you won't be able to get off your mind.

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From Louis Vuitton’s spectacular turquoise ping-pong table to Pucci’s adorable red and pink domino kit and not to mention Saint Laurent’s iconic collaboration with arcade producer, Neo Legend, discover the very best in luxury games. Ideal for an impressive gift that plays to their luxury-loving side, or as home decor bits to stand the test of time and elegance and elevate your games room. 

1. Prada: Pocket-size leather Tic, Tac, Toe

This pocket-sized version of the timeless Tic, Tac, Toe game, complete in Prada’s signature Saffiano leather in their iconic brand colours, is the luxury game you never knew how much you needed until now. 

We can’t get over the leather and metal details, which take this historically humble game (we remember playing this with a paper and a pen!) to new heights. 

Part of Prada’s impressive collection of classic games (check out the matching backgammon set) this compact game is the perfect quirky accessory to keep in your handbag, ideal for those long flights or laid-back dinners. 

Shop Prada Tic, Tac, Toe £1,330

2. Louis Vuitton: Canvas Ping-Pong Table Domestic Size

We adore Louis Vuitton’s playful side, and this ping-pong table has without doubt solidified this. The iconic French fashion house has crafted this eccentric indoor ping-pong table from beechwood and leather, for the ultimate luxury games room addition.  

The table is covered in small, absolutely riveting features that boast the houses’ creativity, including the leather (yes, you read that right) monogram net, bespoke leather ball holders as well as a hidden drawer with four rackets in LV’s iconic brand colours. 

We’ve never wanted to perfect our ping-pong skills as much. 

Shop Louis Vuitton Ping-Pong Table £60,500 

3. Fendi: Iconic Wooden Tower Game 

Who knew that Jenga could be such a stylish game? Fendi has gone all the way in customising this iconic game with their renowned design elements. 

Crafted from calf leather and a blend of oak, beech and maple, completed with a plexiglass box with brass details for storing your pieces, this luxury game is “a perfect combination of fun and style…designed to be easily transportable and stored in full view, as a real design object.” 

We think that this Jenga game is a timeless and chic gift for loves ones, that has the potential to serve as both a home accessory and a source of shared memories for years to come. 

Shop Fendi’s “Tower Game” £3,100


Hermes luxury game table wooden with various classic games

4. Hermès: Wooden Classic Game Table

This hyper luxury games table from Hermès is one for the design and games aficionados. 

With three reversible surfaces, this wooden games table adapts to both chess, backgammon and poker, making it the ideal centrepiece for a social lounge space or a luxurious games room. The table is crafted from premium wood and taurillon H leather, making it a sleek interior element for exquisite spaces. 

Shop Hermès Game Table £96,000

5. Pucci: Pink and Red Domino Set

Out of all the designer domino sets, this one from Pucci really caught our eye. Designed in a playful and energising colour-way, this dominoes set makes for the ideal unique gift for that game loving friend.

The bright storage box, and the adorable fish motif on each domino turn this luxury game into more than just an entertainment piece, and into a keepsake to display and show off. 

Snag this dominoes set in time for summer days by the pool – warning: your set up will be so Instagrammable that you may struggle to focus on the game!  

Shop Pucci’s Dominoes Set £525

Cartier luxury backgammon game

6. Cartier: Panthère de Cartier Backgammon Set

Cartiers “Panthère de Cartier” luxury backgammon game is designed to “lend a little luxury to games night“.

Inspired by the adventurous and risk-taking nature of Cartier’s iconic panther emblem, this backgammon board is designed from wood in an elegant white and gold colour-way. 

The details of this backgammon board left us in awe. From the fine gold lines that mark the board to the tiny touches of green, which add character and charm to this luxury game. 

Shop Panthère de Cartier Backgammon Set £5,000

Neo legend arcade machine luxury YSL collaboration two player

7. Saint Laurent: Neo Legend 2-player Arcade Machine

The arcade collaboration of the moment; the Saint Laurent and Neo Legend arcade cabinets. 

Iconic fashion house Saint Laurent and arcade producer Neo Legend teamed up to produce a set of bespoke two player arcade machines, crafted in a sleek, minimalist, black design – a recognisable Saint Laurent look. Made exclusively for YSL’s Rive Droite collection, these arcade machines are made to order, and featured a unique two player, dual screen set up, ideal for a social games room setup. For a smaller arcade from the same collection, the pair also produced a pocket sized arcade which you can check out here

Shop Saint Laurent Neo Legend Arcade £33,800

Versace luxury game chess kit

8. Versace: Barocco-print Wood Chess Set 

Versace never misses with their bold colour-pairings and emblems full of timeless flair. This Barocco printed chess set is no exception. 

This leather and wood chess set is complete with gold-tone Medusa-embossed chess game pieces as well as black and blue checkers game pieces, giving it a dual use. It’s impressive Barocco print and gold Medusa plaque make it a statement piece for any space, as well as a gift that exudes elegance and unique allure – classic Versace style. 

Versace’s Barocco luxury games collection also includes a dice kit, a backgammon set and a domino game. Elevate your games room with one of these classic luxury games, which you can explore here

Shop Versace Barocco Chess Set £7,825

9. Supreme: Luxury Air Hockey Home Accessory

Supreme is known for taking everyday objects and adding a touch of “Supreme” to them. Their air hockey table does exactly this, with it’s sleek design, complete in their brand colours and bespoke finishes ideal for a luxury games room setup. 

For those looking for a truly impressive add on to your games room, this air hockey table is the way to go. Air hockey is a games room classic, and transcends time as a favourite for players of all ages. 

Shop Supreme Air Hockey Table £48,962


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