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You heard it here first: games rooms are making a comeback. Here's how to style yours tastefully.

Moody red and white games room with pool table and lounge space

If you thought game rooms were a thing of the past, think again. With positive sentiment for soulful homes on the rise, these playful spaces are making a comeback. Their nostalgic feel combined with the joy they bring to users of all ages make game rooms a focal social point for any and all homes. Here are Maison Roshi’s top tips and picks for a luxury games room, that’ll inspire you to finally host that long awaited games night and indulge in some retro fun. 

1. Lets Get Competitive: Luxury Foosball Table for Youthful Flair

Ask any competitive person to list their top games for a games room and they’ll likely mention foosball. Foosball tables may have gotten a rep for being on the less premium side (anyone remember playing these in high school?) and therefore not suited for a sophisticated games room, but this has been proven wrong by these exclusive football tables by Basaglia and Rota, available on 1st Dibs. 

With various materials and styles to choose from, a luxury foosball table will immediately add a touch of youthful playfulness and competitive flair to your space – whilst keeping it classy. 

Shop Ghost Foosball Table £7,661

2. Playful Serving Solutions: A Cool Bar Will Take You a Long Way

To truly turn your games room into the ultimate hangout spot, consider adding a built in bar. There are hundreds of fantastic options available for this idea, but one of our favourites has got to be Vismara Design’s modular bar cabinets. Vismara’s designs seamlessly fuse modern luxury with a touch of space-age charm, and are built specifically for games rooms. 

For those wanting a more simple solution for their refreshment needs, consider adding a fun coloured Smeg Fridge to your games room – the gold FAb5 fridge is one that has caught our eye for it’s unique design!

Shop Vismara Bar Cabinets

3. Retro Haven: Vintage Arcade But Make It Luxury

For the true retro enthusiasts, a games room is not complete without an arcade. There are plenty of options out there for refurbished vintage units, but Maison Roshi’s Senpai arcade tops all of these. With a freestanding design inspired by old school arcades, and a composition made of the finest materials including French oak and luxury fabrics, you cannot go wrong with this arcade cabinet. 

Maison Roshi’s Senpai arcade comes with over 5500 arcade games built-in, meaning it will provide you with retro fun for years to come, and there is guaranteed to be a game for everyone. The built in storage space for board games or cards is also a bonus!

Shop Senpai Arcade £10,832

4. Consider Multi-Purpose Pieces: Chess Games Table

A great way to save space for your luxury games room (and add a playful design touch) is to opt for side tables that serve a dual purpose as a games table. 

This checkered chess board side table from Moooi is a fantastic option – we love the creative use of the checkered pattern throughout the piece. Paired with some quirky lounge chairs, like Studio Ashby has done, this side table is the perfect addition to your cool luxury games room.

Shop Moooi Chess Table £1,117

5. Go Classic: Luxury Pool Table for Timeless Charm 

Billiard tables, also known as pool tables, are a games room staple. If space allows, we think that you can never go wrong with a statement pool table, like this one available on Homes Leisure Direct. With various colours to choose from, this classic pool table with a twist will add classic elegance to your games room. 

For those who want a bit of added pool table flair, consider a wall mounted cue rack for holding your cue sticks and pool balls. We love this option from Visara, ideal for those who have some wall space to spare. 

Shop Luxury Evolution Pool Table £7,495

6. Must Have For Games Night: The Ideal Snack Solutions 

Your games night could turn into a living nightmare if your guests get hangry. That’s why, a bar corner is an ideal add on to your luxury games room, that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

We always return back to Benny Blanco’s incredible games room snack bar when thinking of ideas for this. His seemingly unlimited array of snacks sets the tone for a good time, and blends seamlessly with the otherwise elegant and classy design of the space. 

To get your snack bar area started, we would recommend this retro inspired popcorn machine from CFW. 

Shop Popcorn Machine £699

7. Get Comfy: Ensure Playful Comfort with a Rochebobois Bubble Couch

For those needing a break to chill from their arcade battle or pool match, your games room needs a good lounging spot with a cozy couch. Depending on your style, you may want to keep this minimal, but we propose going all the way in playfulness with the RocheBobois Bubble couch. 

Quirky in design, yet incredibly comfortable to the touch, the Bubble couch is quickly becoming RocheBobois most iconic style – and we think it was made for luxury games rooms! Opt for the green or yellow for a more playful look, or if you’re trying to keep it a bit more minimal they do also offer a classic white and grey option. 

Shop RocheBobois Bubble Sofa £4,750

8. Set The Tone: Retro Inspired Music Cabinet

Music is essential for setting the tone of your games room. Consider going for a retro inspired music solution, like this one from 1965, which offers for aux and turntable options.

With an air of vintage sophistication, this radiogram was designed in 1965 by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. Masterfully crafted by expert hands, this singular piece is fashioned of blue-lacquered wood and aluminium. Resting on swivel wheels for easy use and portability, it features adjustable speakers, an AM/FM radio system, a turntable and AUX inputs.


Shop Blue Radiofonografo  £14,090

9. Get Playful With Accessories: Game Inspired Sculptures

Accessorising your games room might feel confusing due to the sheer volume of options. Should you go for LED lights or some cool wall art or retro inspired prints?

Whilst those are all fantastic options, our top pick for luxury games room accessories is miniature sculptures inspired by classic arcade game characters, like this Murano glass Pac-Man ghost, or this silver Mario embossed with comics of the iconic character in action. 



Shop Patryk Konrad Sculptures £438

10. A Games Room to Live in?


For those who love their games room so much that they literally want to live in it, check out this gaming bed (yes, you read that right). If your bedroom is your games room or you wish it was, this one is for you! 

With a built in flat screen tv, storage for your games, a charging station for your headphones and a design made for ultimate comfort when gaming, this might be the coolest (but also strangest?) gaming furniture we’ve ever seen.  

Shop Gaming Bed £2,499

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