Minato Arcade – Printed Red Ruby

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Immerse yourself in the timeless charm of retro gaming with the Red Ruby Minato bespoke retro arcade. Whether you’re a dedicated gamer or seeking a standout addition to your entertainment space, this arcade promises an unforgettable experience. The bold red hue of the Red Ruby Minato commands attention, while the vibrant yellow pad adds a playful contrast. Elevate your gaming setup with the Red Ruby Minato and embark on an entertainment journey filled with nostalgia.

Elements: 16 buttons, 2 joysticks, optional Maison Roshi custom prints on each side X4, engraved plexi glass, 20KG, bespoke finishes, button backlight, high resolution monitor. Built in games console with 1,000 games.

Dimensions: W 53,8cm H 48cm D 46cm

Dimensions 46 × 53.8 × 48 cm

2 reviews for Minato Arcade – Printed Red Ruby

  1. Dan

    The Minato is a fabulous accessory to our household, the quality of the arcade along with the nostalgia and enjoyment, we already want another!

  2. Heidi De Love

    The games are for all ages and bring the family together. It’s fun and a nice break from daily life and I get quality time with my son. They’re also easy to use! The arcade also looks beautiful and is aesthetically a great addition to our home!

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