Unique Use of Fabrics: Elevate Your Space with Pattern and Texture

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Discover top tips for unpredictable use of fabrics to add character to your space.

Wood arcade with blue and green fabric on luxury kitchen counter

When designing a space, the importance of fabrics should never be overlooked. Fabrics form an essential basis of the character of your space, and offer a fantastic way to tell a story and reflect your personality through design. To quote our fabrics partner Blackpop’s Design Director Maxine Hall; “I sometimes try to imagine what it would be like to live in a house with white walls, dressed with somber grey sofas, with an occasional muted abstract painting keeping an eye on the order of everything. Heaven forbid something moves out of place. What a difference it would make to throw three colourful velvet cushions into the mix, printed voiles diffusing the glare of the sun… colour, texture and pattern add bursts of joy, of warmth and individual styling into our homes.” Let’s delve into the use of luxury fabrics for elevating unique interiors, and how unpredictable fabric placement can take your space from ordinary to remarkable. 

Close up on gold and turquoise fabric sofa
Image courtesy of Pierre Frey: Byblos Ambre Fabric

Fantastic Fabrics: Pattern, Texture and Personal Inspiration

Fabrics have the power to transform just about any space. Whether it be bold colours with eccentric patterns, or more muted tones with minimal prints, fabrics help set the tone of the room. We recommend analysing the preferred ambiance of your space before choosing your fabric palette, and working from that point to select colours and patterns that you feel evoke this. Your choices will reflect your values and ideas, and to quote Elizabeth Ghia of Elizabeth Ghia Interiors, this is “something to embrace rather than be afraid of.

Whether we notice it or not, we are in constant conversation with the fabrics that fill our homes. That’s why, ensuring that the ones you select are not only durable, but more importantly bring joy to your daily life is invaluable. Be bold, be playful and don’t be shy to mix and match colours and patterns – check out Kit Kemp’s amazing interiors for ideas on how to do this with class.  

Blackpop: Vibrant Multi-Functional Luxury Fabrics 

Since the launch of our Sensei arcade collection, we have been partnered with British fabric pioneer brand, Blackpop. Blackpop has designed a range that is nothing short of breathtaking. To quote The Design Lover, Blackpops fabrics “look like they could have been stripped from the walls of stately homes, yet there is something uniquely modern and fresh about them too.” Blackpops fabrics are a fantastic example of multi-functional materials, as their vibrant fabrics can be used to bring curtains, walls, furniture and even tech objects (shameless self promo!) to life. Maxine Hall from Blackpop recalls one of their most exciting projects; “The entire studio gasped when we were approached to upholster a grand piano in one of Blackpop’s signature patterned velvets, our upholsterer scratched his head… but wow what a statement!“. Beyond creative use of fabrics within the home, Blackpop have also worked on innovative use of fabrics for luxury cars, namely the interiors of a classic DeLorean car for a private collection. 

Blackpop Stevie pink wallpaper with wooden cabinet with plant and record player
Image courtesy of Blackpop: Vibrant wallpaper wallpaper in "Stevie"

Get Creative: Unique Use of Fabrics 

This fantastic article from Country Living outlines a variety of unique ways to utilise fabrics in your home, that you likely will not have considered before. However, a point they missed out on, is utilising fabrics in your home tech equipment – like our bespoke arcade cabinets! For many, incorporating high tech objects into an otherwise classic and warm space can seem intimidating (we’re picturing a 60 inch TV in a quaint farmhouse living room), but with the use of cozy materials like oak and fabrics, our arcade cabinets curb this threat. 

Our work with Blackpop’s fabrics have allowed countless retro gaming enthusiasts to bring this nostalgic element into their homes, without disturbing the space – and instead elevating it and adding a further layer of chic design and personality. From the timeless Moulin fabric, inspired by the 1920’s speakeasy, to the alluring Hampton Gold fabric, Blackpop’s fabrics pair seamlessly with our arcades – proving that design innovations that may seem unconventional at first sight can turn into something exquisite.  

Arcade cabinet with pink fabric in 70s space age style living room

Additional Ways to Add Character to Your Space

Beyond the use of fabrics, there are countless diverse ways you can get creative and add that highly desired personal flair to your space. The first of these is to play with lighting options; try and think outside the box with lighting combinations that highlight the primary purpose of your space. Secondly, don’t shy away from variety in materials, objects and styles. This avoids your scene looking too flat, and ensures visual interest – and also allows you to show off your personal interests and passions.  The last tip would be to be patient, and take time to decorate and dress your space. The best interior pieces are usually found spontaneously – trust that yours will find you when the time is right!

Orange side cabinet in unique shape with books, arcade and plants on it

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