The Story Of Ms.Pac-Man: Making History One Cherry At A Time

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What fuelled Ms.Pac-Man’s immense success and how did this impact the video game industry?

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The year is 1982 – peak of the golden age of video games – with games of the likes of Q-Bert, Donkey-Kong leading the industry. However, at this stage, the demographic of gamers was highly male dominated, partly fuelled by a lack of female protagonists in popular games of the time. Namco’s Ms.Pac-Man changed this, with a game that not only allowed the company to sell over 3,5 million units of a game, but more importantly redefine the video game industry. Take a look into the history of this game-breaking release and Maison Roshi’s experience with this arcade classic.

History of Ms.Pac-Man

The very first female protagonist to be introduced in an arcade game was the female version of one of the most iconic characters in the industry, Pac-Man. Fittingly, she was called Ms.Pac-Man. The original Pac-Man was released in 1980 by Namco, and revolutionised the game industry due to it’s introduction of the four way joystick. The game was a hit, and is regarded as one of the best known names in the retro video game world. Following the immense success of Pac-Man, various developers raced to create sequel games to continue the franchise, and in 1982, Ms. Pac-Man was released by Midway. This game introduced an alternative character to Pac-Man – one that would appeal to a different, and larger, demographic.

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Gameplay and characters

In terms of gameplay, Ms.Pac-Man varied only slightly in premise – you are still desperately going around a map with 3 lives and trying to eat all the cherries before the evil ghosts get you – but a few crucial enhancements were introduced. Firstly, Ms.Pac-Man had harder gameplay due to speed, randomisation of movements and added levels, allowing users who had already played Pac-Man to be re-challenged, and find the game equally – if not more – engaging. In addition, the protagonist, Ms.Pac-Man herself, added a new layer of diversity to the game, with her appealing red bow and lipstick combo, that appealed to a larder audience in comparison to the plain old Pac-Man. Finally, an important addition to Ms.Pac-Man that fuelled its success was the introduction of a romantic storyline, which added depth to the game, forming an emotional appeal.


Our experience with Ms.Pac-Man

In confirmation of it’s historical success, we at Maison Roshi have found Ms.Pac-Man to be one of the most popular arcade games requested by our clients to play – more so than the original Pac-Man if we dare say so! It’s appeal to a large demographic, combined with improved gameplay and storyline make it a top hit amongst all retro game lovers. Ms.Pac-Man is included in the games list of each our luxury arcade cabinets, and is also available on each arcade used for event rentals, amongst 5000 other classic games.

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