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8 Luxury Games That Will Remind You To Appreciate The Classics

Wooden luxury arcade with Tetris game

In the era where video games are developing at a faster pace than ever, we find ourselves longing to take a step back and appreciate some of the game night classics. From chess to backgammon, snakes and ladders to connect 4 and arcade classics, there is an inarguable charm to these social, old school games. In connection, there is an appreciation for special, high quality editions of these games that arises, which brands including Hector Saxe, Maison Roshi and Giobagnara were founded to serve. Dive into a collection of the finest classic games available on the market, made for those looking to truly elevate their games night for years to come.

Backgammon “Alain”, Hector Saxe

Backgammon dates back all the way 17th century England, and it’s highly competitive, skill and luck based nature make it a timeless board game. Hextor Saxe is known as one of the best luxury game manufacturers in Europe, with a knack for premium backgammon sets like no other. The “Alain” backgammon set comes in a medium size, and is made from premium leather with an alligator effect. There is no doubt that you’ll want to display this piece on your coffee table for years to come.


Snakes and Ladders luxury leather board game

Snakes and Ladders, Williams and Sons

Anyone born before the 2010’s is guaranteed to have fond childhood memories of playing snakes and ladders – the treacherously innocent looking game that gets you hooked to making it to the top. William and Sons have taken this classic game, and made it that much more iconic, with leather and metal finishes. Drop some jaws next games night with this exclusive board game, made to impress, whilst keeping the same elements of the classic game you know and love.


Wooden Home Arcade, Maison Roshi

Who would’ve thought an arcade cabinet could be a stylish entertainment unit to have in your home? Maison Roshi has made this dream a reality, with their Sensei arcade cabinet, designed for arcade and interior enthusiasts. Place this premium handmade arcade anywhere from your coffee table to a bar-top to a dedicated game room corner. This classic gaming unit is complete with all your favourite games – Ms.Pac-Man, Street Fighter and Asteroids to name a few.


Wooden arcade machine with yellow and red buttons

Luxury “Jenga”, Pinetti

Jenga, oh Jenga. With a history rooted in family game traditions, this under appreciated classic game is so simple, yet so entertaining. Made luxury by premium game producer Pinetti, this wooden Jenga set scream playful elegance – you’ll want it ready, stacked on your side table jus to show it off. Perfect for all ages, and guaranteed to get your Games Night going no matter how many you are, Jenga is an all time classic game that never misses.


Luxury Monopoly, Aspinal of London

Monopoly – the game that brings out the best and worst in each of us. Aspinal of London have done the incredible and made a premium edition of this classic board game, made for the style conscious game lover.

Build your real estate empire atop a handmade leather board, and ensure that this family classic is enjoyed and appreciated for years to come.


Leather Dice Set, Giobagnara

Want a timeless game accessory that can accommodate a variety of situations and games? Look no further than Giobagnara’s impressive leather “Arena” dice set, complete with 2 classic die (yes that is the correct plural word for dice!) as well as 2 poker die. Take your games night to the next level with this set, which also makes a fantastic coffee table accessory. A few idea for classic games to play with just dice; Yahtzee, Liar’s Dice and Farkle are a great place to start.


Leather Scrabble, Geoffrey Parker

It wouldn’t be “classic games go luxury” without an honourable mention of Geoffrey Parker. This mounted Scrabble playing board is crafted in an iconic, recognisable calf leather, with hand-embossed Scrabble values in silver. With its sleek design and unique colour-way, this board game is too stunning to ever put away – making it dangerous for those weak in Scrabble self-control. Put the “Class” in “Classic Games” with this elevated board game, and indulge in hours of timeless fun with this iconic set.


“Vortex” Poker Set, Alexandra Llewellyn

To finish us off, it would be a sin not to mention a truly impressive Poker set by Alexandra Llewellyn. To quote a review given via Alexandra Llewellyn’s website, this bespoke poker set “reflects the spiralling sensation of falling into the vortex while playing poker”. A truly special, timeless luxury game set for your competitive Games Night’s, Llewellyn’s “Vortex” poker set is handmade by British craftsman from beginning to end, and is at once elegant yet playful, timeless yet contemporary and quirky yet neutral.


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