Eccentric and Elegant: Top Picks In Luxury Furniture

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Our top picks in eccentric furniture for Summer 2024 that will stand the test of time and style.

Quirky furniture cover orange minato in unique loft space

Who says that an elegant home has to be boring? Not us, that’s for sure. A home is a place to feel relaxed and comfortable in, but we think that it can also serve as a source of invigoration, and be filled with objects that bring joy to your day to day life. We’ve handpicked a curated collection of our favourite home decor and furniture pieces, that will not only stand the test of time in terms of design, but also in the inspiration they bring you. 

  1. Moooi Pig Side Table

A side table so charming you’ll want to pose for a photo with it.

The Pig side table was created by Front in 2006 for Moooi and keeps itself faithful to the true size of a pig. The inspiration of this range of unique furniture collection was to reject abstraction and instead create something that is true-to-life and based on a living creature.

We picture this piece adding a playful touch to spaces that carry farm-like charm – imagine how fitting this would look in a sleek country house living room. Moreover, with this piece being a rarity, it’ll remain a conversation starter for years to come. 


Pig Side Table quirky home decor
unique furniture for outdoors moon daybed in brown

2. Vondom Moon Daybed with Fabric Top

Elevate your outdoor furniture game with this quirky daybed from Vondom.  Vondom’s pieces are characterised by their ability to combine futuristic style elements with classic comfort, and this daybed is no exception.

With a unique use of materials, Vondom has crafted a piece that will provide you with ultimate comfort for years to come (this cocoon looks like the perfect spot for an afternoon nap in the sun). It’s distinct spherical shape will also ensure that your outdoor furniture stands out – because why settle for something boring when pieces like this exist! 


3. Velvet Animal Armchair

Sometimes in life all you need is a cuddle. Unfortunately, on some occasions your loved ones won’t be around.  The perfect solution; a cuddle worthy armchair that serves a dual purpose as a sculpture, a lounger and your personal comforter. 

Litfads animal shaped velvet armchair is at once enticing and stylish, with it’s abstract, armless design. To make matters even better, Litfad offers this eccentric armchair in a variety of colours. Just like our very own cabinets, you can match this piece of furniture seamlessly to your interiors. Bonus points to Litfab for the price of this decor piece – consider us sold!


Robot Bar made from wood retro design unique furniture

4. Borghesani Robot Bar 

Our team has been obsessed with the Robot Bar since we fist across it on Instagram in 2022.

The original 1969 design is said have been inspired by the moon landing, however we’ve titled this as the “Robot Bar” due to the fact that, well, it look like an adorable, generous robot. 

The perfect piece of furniture for your unique bar, game room or social lounge space, that serves both a functional and inspirational purpose. 


5. Beliani Accent Bathtub

Got a pair of hells you can’t get off your mind? Pay an ode to them in your bathroom with this fabulous tub from Beliani. 

Not only does this tub look extremely comfortable (why don’t all bath tubs have a ledge to lean your head on?!), but it’ll ensure that every time you walk into your bathroom, you’ll remember that life isn’t all that serious and it’s okay to have fun with it! 

We’ve given it the nickname of the Louboutin tub for it’s immaculate red sole, but we’re sure that you’ll grow fond enough of it to give it it’s very own pet name. 


Kobayashi wooden and coloured speaker

6. Play 02 Speakers by Kobayashi

A piece of unique home decor that may be harder to source (but totally worth it if you can) is Rio Kobayashi’s Play Speakers. Kobayashi crafted these for his first solo show in September of 2023, and we haven’t stopped thinking about them since.

The perfect blend of natural materials, playful design elements and innovation;  these speakers are a need for any space that needs a touch of playfulness that will stand the test of time. 


7. The Senpai Entertainment Cabinet

Maison Roshi’s newest collection of entertainment units, called Senpai, serve as both home decor and timeless decor pieces, and are guaranteed to elevate your space with a nostalgic charm. 

With various customisable elements and a design made from the very best French oak, these entertainment cabinets are a need for any interior enthusiasts who’s serious about their eccentric furniture. 


Senpai arcade unique furniture piece for interior and retro lovers

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