Minato Arcade – Printed Red Rubellite

£2,499.00 (ex VAT)

Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast seeking a trip down memory lane or someone looking for a distinctive addition to your entertainment space, the Red Rubellite Minato arcade promises an immersive and visually appealing experience. With its blend of classic gaming and modern design elements, the Red Rubellite Minato stands out as a stylish, unique choice. Its vibrant red and pink hue adds a bold pop of color to any room, making it the focal point of attention. Get ready to indulge in hours of nostalgic fun with the Minato arcade.

Elements: 16 buttons, 2 joysticks, optional Maison Roshi custom prints on each side X4, engraved plexi glass, 20KG, bespoke finishes, button backlight, high resolution monitor. Built in games console with 1,000 games.

Dimensions: W 53,8cm H 48cm D 46cm


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